Meet our editors

Mark (1)

Mark Ndipita is the Anglophone Barza Wire Bureau Chief. He communicates directly with writers to assign and edit stories in Anglophone countries.

Meet our writers

Tesfaye (1)

Tesfaye Getnet graduatied from Addis Ababa University in 2011, Tesfaye began working for free for a year and a half as a reporter for the state-owned Ethiopian News Agency. From May 2014 to November 2019, he worked as a business and economic correspondent for Capital English Newspaper.

Linda Godji (1)

Linda Dede Nyanya Godji Incoom has a diverse range of experiences in the field of journalism. She obtained her Diploma, Bachelor's of Arts Degree, and Master of Arts Degree, all from the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ).  She embarked on her journalism career as a news reporter and a producer of radio programs at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC). Her journey also included internships at the Ghana News Agency , content writer for Newsgh , and volunteering at the Public Agenda Newspaper. As the founder of Agri Ghana Online, she has focused on agricultural, food security, environmental, and climate news and information. Additionally, she has been producing radio scripts, Backgrounders, success stories for Farm Radio International (FRI), for the past three years and counting.

Photo of Sarah Mawerere

Sarah Mawerere is a broadcaster with over 18 years of experience in radio broadcasting. Sarah worked at the government-owned Radio (Radio Uganda) and later joined the Public Broadcaster. Sarah has worked as a news reporter, presenter, producer, media trainer, media networker and trans-creator. For all her years of practice, Sarah has focused on environmental and conservation, agriculture, gender and rural development, innovation and technology. Sarah has also contributed stories on agriculture, environmental and conservation to the UK Independent, Infonile and Barzawire news platforms. Sarah is a winner of various prestigious awards. 

Leah Malekano Photo (1)

Leah Malekano is a renowned reporter and news anchor at Zodiak Broadcasting Station in Malawi with over 10 years of experience in the broadcast industry. Her passion for journalism led her to pursue a career in news writing, where she gained five years of experience, honing her skills and becoming one of the country's most sought-after reporters. Leah's exceptional journalism talent has earned her recognition and respect from both her colleagues and the public. She is committed to informing, educating and entertaining her audience. Leah is a member of the Media Institute of Southern Africa - MISA Malawi Chapter. Recently, she won a Red Ribbon award 2023.

Alicia Lungu (1)

Alice Lungu has been working as a radio and television producer for Zambia News and Information Services for 10 years. Before joining ZANIS, she worked for PALESA News Agency, where she specialized in agricultural reporting for 9 years. Alice produced and presented a 30-minute radio program called Voice of the Farmer, which was broadcast twice a week and run on the national broadcaster ZNBC. She wrote feature stories to the Times of Zambia, which were published once a week on the Times of Zambia Newspaper called Farming Corner. At ZANIS, Alice produces a 30-minute radio program and television documentaries on cross-cutting issues.


Abena Danso is a consultant and creative director with expertise in communication strategies and content creation. She develops educational scripts, jingles, radio dramas and training podcasts for clients, broadcast stations and production houses. Her work includes working with notable organizations such as Farm Radio International, Sundaridad Ghana and other non-governmental organizations. In addition, she makes field trips to rural and peri-urban areas, documents development projects and conveys the challenges faced by communities. She is committed to making a meaningful impact, addressing critical issues such as sexual abuse and domestic violence through innovative initiatives, and supporting women's empowerment, while advocating for positive change and combating climate change worldwide.

Photo-Emmy Daniel Ojara

Emmy Daniel Ojara is a multi-media journalist based in the post-war Northern Region of Uganda. He started practicing journalism in 2013 as a news reporter, and, over the years he has reported on issues around human rights, gender equality, health, elections, governance and accountability as well as agriculture. Besides news reporting and editing, Emmy is a content creator, develops gender-sensitive policies for newsrooms, a mentor for community reporters, and supports community media houses on viability. He holds a Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication, besides other training leading to the awards of certificates in media for socioeconomic transformation, Ugandan sign language, digital journalism, multi-media journalism, conflict-sensitive reporting, media entrepreneurship, drone journalism, and gender-sensitive reporting.

Neo Brown Photo (1)

Neo Brown is an experienced journalist and dedicated freelancer with a remarkable career from 2013 to 2019. She started her journalism career at 105.3 Afro FM, the first all-English radio station in Ethiopia, where she began as a junior journalist. During her six-year career at Afro FM, Neo also contributed to the station by producing various radio programs on topics such as gender issues, politics, diplomacy, culture and tourism. Alongside her editorial, radio production and news anchoring duties, Neo also established herself as a freelance writer and contributed articles to local media. Neo is also a contributor to Farm Radio International (FRI), writing farmers' stories posted in Barza Wire, creating engaging radio scripts, background pieces, and translating various FRI broadcast materials from English to Amharic.


Tony Mushoborozi is a journalist, drama and radio programmer based in Kampala, Uganda. He has been a print journalist for 15 years and a radio drama writer for 12 years. He runs a writing company called Scrypta Pro. The writer has more than 30 serial radio dramas to his credit including nonfiction radio programs. He has created radio drama series titled Vanessa’s Journey, My Children and My Children 2 for Farm Radio International and several other smaller ones. Mushoborozi is currently a freelance journalist, writing for the Daily Monitor newspaper in Kampala where he runs a fiction children’s column on top of writing on tourism, travel, property, health, people and general news. He’s a member of the Uganda Journalists Association.

Grace Kay

Grace Kapatuka  is an accomplished print and photo journalist, with over 15 years’ experience in media including print, TV production and public speaking. She has vast experience in the field of journalism having trained both locally and abroad in various aspects of the media profession. Over the years, she has carved for herself a distinguished career in the journalism profession in Malawi. She has worked as a journalist/photojournalist in various media institutions and positions rising from a junior reporter to an editor and now a communications specialist. During her journalism career, she widely reported on health, agriculture, environment and climate change both locally and internationally.