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"This is How I" is a new podcast series from Farm Radio International. Each episode is produced by one of our radio partners. Each episode offers tips and advice on a specific skill related to radio broadcasting, including examples of how this skill has improved their program quality.

Episodes include:

This is How I ... prepare an interview guest (Radio Fadhila, TZ)

This is How I ... record audio on WhatsApp (Patrick Mphaka, MW)

This is How I ... prepare to cover a news topic or event (Suliyat Idris, NG)

This is How I ... use Farm Radio's radio resources (Victor Asumani, MW)

This is How I ... motivate the community to get the COVID-19 vaccine (Judith Sonkho, MW)

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Farm Radio International has more than 1,200 broadcasting partners in 37 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. These partners receive our information and training resources, which they use to improve the quality of their radio programs.

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Alice Lungu, Zambia News and Information Services, Zambia

After college, Alice Lungu joined Palesa News Agency in 2000, working until 2007 on various radio tasks. Currently at Zambia News and Information Services, she excels in agricultural reporting, also covering health, education and women’s rights. Hosting a national farming program for years, Alice transformed traditional farming methods, receiving positive feedback for aiding farmers. Planning interactive phone-ins, she engages listeners with a variety of elements, and her recent scriptwriting training with Farm Radio adds a fresh touch to her programs. Dedicated to in-depth research and improved interview skills, Alice continues to connect with and empower her audience.

Djénèbou Traoré, Radio Benbakan, Mali

Djénèbou Traoré, a dedicated Radio Benbakan listener turned host since 2006, brings passion and versatility to her role. Producing two shows, Anga siguida (Our environment) and Keneya Blo (Health), she tackles pressing issues like deforestation and health. Through interviewing farmers and forestry experts, her show prompted village chiefs to act against woodcutters. Djénèbou engages listeners through field visits and phone calls, receiving praise for her quality content. Utilizing local music, Farm Radio resources and personal anecdotes, she keeps her shows entertaining. Collaborating with Farm Radio has enriched her broadcasting. She incorporates the VOICES and FAIR standards, with gratitude for the support received.

Victor Asumani, Umunthu FM, Malawi

Victor Asumani, programs manager at Umunthu FM in Malawi, is an experienced journalist and broadcaster recognized for his farmer-focused radio programs. Since the early 2000s, his dedication to community engagement, modern farming techniques and practical solutions for challenges faced by local farmers has earned him acclaim. Producing two impactful programs, he covers diverse agricultural topics, incorporating listener feedback and participation through various channels. A recipient of the Best Farm Radio Program award of Farm Radio Trust in 2022, Victor credits Farm Radio International for his training and consistently applies the VOICES standards, creating engaging and informative broadcasts that empower his community.

Wake Daya (A piece of bean can spoil the flour) Peace FM, Nigeria

Peace FM, under the guidance of manager Kachollom Rita Pam in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria, serves as a crucial link to people living within its 400-kilometre reach. The pivotal show Wake Daya, which runs for one hour on Fridays from 10:30 a.m., leads transformative discussions on women’s impactful role in conflict-prone areas. Empowering women for active contributions to peace and community development, the program advocates for youth and persons with disabilities. Focused on gender equality, it addresses women’s rights, decision-making and harmful norms, fostering small discussion groups. Guests, including male champions of equality, tackle gender-based violence, dispelling misconceptions and addressing sensitive topics, driving positive changes since 2019.

LaDama Blon (Corridor to education), Radio Kénédougou, Mali

Since 1992, Radio Kénédougou has been a driving force for rural development in Mali’s Sikasso Region, connecting with over 400,000 residents within a 100-kilometre radius. Offering programs in multiple languages, including Bambara, Sénoufo, French, Peulh and Samogo, it covers diverse topics from society and education to health and governance. In a partnership with Farm Radio International’s Hérè project since 2021, the station, led by manager Daouda Mariko and program manager Lassine Doumbia, produces Ladamou Blon, a 30-minute program focusing on women’s well-being. With a gender-sensitive approach and equal representation, the program has been a driving force for positive changes in family planning decisions, making Radio Kénédougou a guiding force for understanding and positive transformations in the community.

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