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Farm Radio International has more than 1,000 broadcasting partners in 41 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. These partners receive our information and training resources, which they use to improve the quality of their radio programs.

Voice of Kigezi

B’Omugaiga means “Get rich through farming." The station manager says they chose this name to inspire women to be interested in the program. B’Omugaiga first aired five years ago, after Voice of Kigezi partnered with Farm Radio International on a project. They are still on air today, engaging women listeners with a compassionate female host: Brenda Murangi Mugwisagye. This station was the winner of the inaugural Liz Hughes Award for Her Farm Radio. Read more.

Uganda Community Green Radio

Precious Naturinda and the team producing the Nyinabwenge women’s program won the 2020 Liz Hughes Award for Her Farm Radio for their effort to challenge gender roles and address gender inequalities in their community. Read about their work.

Ide Carine Tchounga

Ide Carine Tchounga started working at Radio Medumba in her village in Cameroon nearly 20 years ago. She started their farmer program, then called “Monde Rural” (Rural World), after reading several Farm Radio Resource Packs. She says, “I decided to take advantage of these packs to create a program for farmers, which was appreciated by the management committee at the station who saw this as an occasion to be closer to the population.” She is one of the winners of the George Atkins Communications Award.

Seydou Camara

Seydou Camara has worked at Radio Wassoulou in Yanfolila, Mali, for seven years, where he is a host. He says, “Naturally, I like to serve people and in my opinion, media is a great way to put into practice this ambition.” Radio Wassoulou has been a broadcasting partner of Farm Radio International for nearly 20 years, and Mr. Camara says he uses our resources to help him with research and to prepare episodes. He is one of the winners of the George Atkins Communications Award.

Matilda Amoah

Matilda Amoah grew up listening to the radio, and first appeared on a radio panel in 2016. Following this positive experience, she asked to join the radio team. Now she is a presenter at Today’s FM in Ejura, Ghana, and has been working on the farmers’ program for one year. She is proud of her work, saying: “Not only have I been given a voice, I have received a platform as a female farm broadcaster which I have used to encourage and inspire thousands of young people through my weekly programs.” Matilda is one of the winners of the George Atkins Communications Award.




Farm Radio International is an award-winning Canadian development organization that partners with radio stations to serve African farming families and communities. We work with existing radio stations across Africa, providing them with training opportunities and resources. In this way, we reach tens of millions of small-scale farmers with life-changing information and opportunities to be heard.