About Farm Radio International

Farm Radio International is a Canadian organization that supports broadcasters in Africa to develop radio programming that shares knowledge and strengthens the voices of small-scale farmers, their families, and their communities. Visit Farm Radio's main website.

We have more than 1,000 broadcasting partners from 41 countries in our network. These broadcasters receive our training and information resources.

About our radio resources

  • In Barza Wire, you will find our news stories and resources to help you plan and prepare your radio program. You will also find opportunities and profiles of other broadcasters to motivate your work.
  • In Scripts, you will find our backgrounder documents, interview scripts, and drama scripts. They are organized by Farm Radio Resource Pack. You will also find our theme packs of radio resources.
  • In Training, you will find our Broadcaster how-to guides. These tip sheets address many different skills, including journalism, marketing, and editing.
  • In Discussions, you will find the platform where we host our online e-discussions. These are four-week discussions that allow broadcasters to exchange ideas and questions on a particular topic.

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